Santa is not coming this year because you destroyed the Xmas tree

Santa is not coming this year because you destroyed the Xmas tree

Just kidding, he’s coming. But seriously, what the hell.

Christmas is a time of year that kids around the world just love. And what’s not to love? The magic of Christmas morning, stumbling down to the living room for presents, the excitement, the warmth, the glow of the lights and the delicious food. Or if you’re my toddlers, destroying the fake plastic Christmas tree and all its ornaments because you’re naughty little things. Oh well.
Interestingly enough, Christmas is very popular in Japan. Although it’s not a public holiday (Get back to work you slackers) it is loved for commercial reasons like, gifts to your date, dates with your lover, and cafes and bars with your date. Dating. It’s basically a second (or third rather, but I’ll write about that later) Valentine’s Day. One interesting difference in the Christmas traditions of the West, like Britain and the US and Japan is that in the US Santa (who is affectionately called Santa-san in Japan) comes down the chimney, while in Japan, a place rather bereft of chimneys, Father Christmas comes in through your window, and instead of placing the gifts under the tree, puts them under your pillow. If you thought the whole “He sees you when you’re sleeping” thing was kind of creepy, the Japanese have taken creepy to a whole new level. Stop out-weirding us, Japan.


I’m back!

I really enjoyed making this blog the first time around, so I’ve decided to start it up again. Here’s an idea, why don’t you tell me what you want to know about life in Japan, and I’ll write about it? Or even something that has nothing to do with Japan, I don’t mind. Anyway, this blog is now back online! Stay tuned for more views and news and photos from this side of the world, and my life abroad.